Beef meatzza

Total Time
29 min
Total Time
29 min
  1. 250g ground beef
  2. one egg
  3. paprika
  4. fresh basil
  5. oregano
  6. olive oil
  7. A small can of tomato paste
  8. 1 onion
  9. 1/2 mozzarella
  10. A tomato
  11. Garlic powder
  1. Mix the beef, the egg, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp paprika, 1 tsp basil and 2 tsp oregano
  2. Use this like a pizza dough, and pre-cook it at 160°C (th. 5) for ~5min, and remove the meat juice
  3. Meanwhile, cut the onion, and in a bowl, mix up some water with the tomato paste.
  4. Add garlic powder, salt, 1 tsp oregano, pepper, and the onion
  5. Prepare the mozza and the tomato: cut them in slices
  6. Get the beef dough out of the oven, put the tomato mix on top of it, then the tomato slices and the mozzarella
  7. Cook it at 210°C (th. 7) for ~10min (check often!)
  8. Add some fresh basil on top of it. Bon appétit!
  1. Got that one from the paleo diet. It's an excellent recipe, especially if you love meat! Taste a bit like a pizza, and a bit like bolognese.
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