Mushroom sauce with vegetables

Serves 1
Total Time
16 min
Total Time
16 min
  1. Rice
  2. One boiled egg
  3. Romanesco cabbage
  4. Paris mushrooms (sliced)
  5. One small shallot
  6. 1 tbsp flour
  7. 1 tbsp cream
  8. Vegetable broth
  9. Parsley
  1. Cook the romanesco cabbage: put in salted boiling water for ~12minutes
  2. Cook the rice: get a glass, fill it half with rice, half with water, a bit of salt. 10min microwave, your rice is ready!
  3. Cook the egg, 9 min in boiling water, then remove the shell.
  4. Meanwhile the egg/rice are cooking, prepare the sauce: in a stove, add a tbsp olive oil and the cut shallot.
  5. Then add one by one the mushrooms, the flour, the vegetable broth and the cream.
  6. Serve with fresh parsley on top. Bon appétit!
  1. A tasty beaufitul recipe for a few efforts. Mushrooms are full of vitamine D, and the boiled egg will bring some good proteins.
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